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Travel to Hawaii With Kids

Hawaii provide a unique experience based on a combination of excitement, adventure and relaxation, chilling on the other hand. You’ll find myriad of activities if you are looking for partying and euphoria, but you will also have a memorable time if you come here for a family tour with the kids. Aside from amazing natural scenery and charming local culture, Hawaii offer all aspects of the modern world, including shopping centers, fancy hotels, entertainments designed for tourists and many more. If you travel with kids, the best is to get familiar timely with suitable destinations kids would find interesting. Here’s a brief review of some of them.

Trembling life in Waikiki

Waikiki is probably the first place you’ll visit since this cosmopolitan city lies at the mere entrance to the island. When traveling with kids, you might have troubles finding affordable accommodation, since the hotels here are rather expensive.


Therefore, opt for suites with two big rooms and rent them per night. Also, Waikiki has well organized and rather interesting public transport. Kids will enjoy trolley that is cheap and provides a lot of entertaining sightseeing. Waikiki is crowded with huge shopping malls. Finally going for a swim at the famous Waikiki beach is an excitement per se.

Circle island tour

Most touristic agencies organize various circle island tours for tourist, but we recommend renting a car and organizing a tour yourself since it is more comfortable for kids. Head towards North Shore and enjoy the relaxed drive down coronets while enjoying breathtaking views.


Pause at the Haleiwa vintage village and Laniakea beach. Kids will love the green turtles often found here. Also, Pali Lookout is a must-see, since the scenery, view and various sports activities suitable for kids will impress you here.

Adventure at Poipu Beach

Kauai is the second most popular region of Hawaii and if you are taking kids here, you should take them to the Poipu Beach. This place will amaze both parents and the children with its famous attraction.

Namely, dozens of green turtles and friendly seals gather here every day in the shoal and you can literally swim safely while these species swim right beside you.

Touristic Tour to Oahu, Hawaii

Along with Maui, Oahu is the second best known and most popular region in Hawaii and millions of tourists gravitate towards Oahu annually. Since Waikiki is frequently the first city tourist visit due to the airport, most of them start their vacations by exploring beauties and activities of Oahu. Oahu itself is overwhelmed with myriad of entertaining activities, cultural and historical highlights and astonishing natural scenery, thus we’ve picked some of the most popular aspects to see and do in Oahu on your touristic tour to Hawaii.

Cultural and historical tours

Seemingly different events, but actually offering direct insight into the history and cultural aspects of Hawaii, Luaus and Pearl Harbor are usually combined tours. Memorial center and museums located in Pearl Harbor, dedicated to one of the most famous chapters in USA history, is an excellent way to gain insight into historical facts and give honor to the fallen soldiers.


On the other hand, Luaus are cultural events, featuring aloha spirit, rich local customs, food and drinks specialties, all spiced up with hula dancing, specific music, and dressing. The perfect way to feel authentic local lifestyle.

Hanauma Bay and the underwater world

Almost every beach in Oahu is covered with pure white sand and features azure clear ocean water, with large collection of water-related sport activities organized for tourists. These activities include diving, water skiing, water sports games, sailing and other.



However, when it comes to snorkeling and exploring exotic underwater world at Hawaii, Hanauma Bay is definitely the best spot to do so. With crystal-clear and calm water, tamed fish and other sea animals and beautiful tropic nature surrounding this place, Hanauma Bay is a heaven for aquarists and snorkeling lovers.

Hiking trail to Diamond Head

Diamond Head is probably the most popular sight in Hawaii, thus it is kind of mandatory to visit this place when in Hawaii. Diamond Head is a unique geologic shape at high altitude and the final destination of quite attractive hiking tours where you’ll rest in local bars while enjoying impressive views and surrounding natural beauties.

Touristic Tour Through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Imagine walking over the landscape that will completely change a year after your visitation and stepping onto the soil that is potentially younger than you. Imagine walking past the deep, astonishing crack within the rock, with dim smoke raising from the mere core of the planet. Or witnessing dramatic contact between glowing lava and waters of the deep ocean. These are just some of the commonly seen sights across the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Unique scenery of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The Park was officially founded a century ago and it is being regularly updated with new travel routes since the old ones tend to disappear in new eruption sometimes, as well as with various new touristic attractions and activities.


It is located at the Big Island of Hawaii, 30 miles southwest on the highway, it covers over 300 000 acres and includes the highest volcano in the world – Mauna Loa and the continuously active Kilauea Volcano. The landscape, plant and the overall biodiversity founded here are amazing and unique enough for entitlement of the World’s heritage site.

How to explore Hawaii Volcanoes, National Park

If you want to explore this spacious fascinating scenery thoroughly, you will probably need to days free to spend here. The safest way is to take officially organized touristic tours via so-called volcano vans that take off from Hilo, Kona and Kohala.

The other option is to explore the landscaping via your own car and self-organized route, but you are obligated to stick to the official road since wandering could get you into serious dangers. Crater Rim Drive route and Chain of craters route will enable you to witness newly erupted areas, scattered places of smoke rising from the ground, the places where lava meets the ocean and many more impressive sights.

Tips for tourists

Considering specific conditions in this area, take cation if you have health problems, heart or lungs problems or troubles with balance. Special safe routes are suggested for families with children, elder people and pregnant women since this place is continuously active and unpredictable, which makes it even more attractive and beautiful.

Taking a Tour to Lahaina Maui

Since Lahaina used to be a capital of Hawaii Kingdom and it remained significant cultural and historical center nowadays, it is certainly worth placing it on your list of places to visit when traveling to Hawaii. Millions of tourists gravitate towards this beautiful area annually and it hosts wide range of activities suitable for every age group. Here is a random list of suggestions about places worth seeing and things worth experiencing while taking a tour through Lahaina Maui.

Ka’anapali and Napili Beach

Sure, when traveling to Hawaii you are primarily looking forward to fascinating beaches and crystal-clear ocean, but these beaches managed to add much more to that. A mile of pure, white sand, translucent water, exotic greenery and underwater world create paradise-like shores.

Enriched with cozy beach bars, a large assortment of water-related sport activities, spas and hotels, these beaches provide hedonistic atmosphere to every tourist.

Main street in Lahaina

So-called Front Street in Lahaina is the leading street in this city combining elements of rich history and modern western lifestyle in Hawaii. The street used to be crowded with taverns and today it hosts bars, shops, various stores, monuments and galleries.


The oldest hotel in Hawaii, Historic prison and Seamen’s Hospital are also settled in this street. Wandering freely down this street will provide you with exquisite historic lessons, as well as with cultural, economic and cosmopolitan aspects.

Kapalua Coastal Trail

Another amazing thing you can experience when talking a tour through Lahaina refers to 2 miles long hiking trail which goes along the shore line. Pretty uneven terrain is covered with black lava solids, covered with wild greenery and there is an amazing view to the translucent, navy blue waters.


The rail starts from Kapalua Bay Beach and goes all the way to Fleming beach party. Purchase durable hiking equipment, take a photo with you and enjoy the adventurous walking for hours where a few nature’s masterpieces are protected as the endangered species. Once you rich the highest spot, you’ll the city distant and still out a single sign of fatigue,

Take a Tour Through Hawaii Falls State Parks

The diversity of natural beauties found in Hawaii is impressive since this land encompasses long sandy beaches, dense, lush tropical greenery, the risky landscape of volcanoes and astonishing beauty of several waterfalls. There are plenty of smaller waterfalls found here, but few bigger ones attract thousands of tourists annually down the thrilling touristic pathways.

North Hamakua Waterfalls

Hamakua Coast includes two most popular waterfalls: Akaka Falls State Park and Kahuna Falls. The second one is a slightly less attractive waterfall since it is usually covered and partially hidden by dense tropical forests. On the other hand, a tour through Akaka Falls State Park is a truly memorable experience.


The mere walk up the pathway leading directly towards waterfall is the adventurous itself. Serpentine paths covered by lush tropical plants, exotic birds and animals, while dull sounds of waterfall echo in the air excites tourists all the way. At the end of the road, they are amazed by the elegant, majestic beauty of this huge waterfall, especially in early morning sunny moments.

Touristic routes and activities related to waterfalls

When heading towards Akaka waterfalls, you may hike along pathed roads and enjoy the chance to experience and observe the beauty of nature from a close view. You may opt for cozy view from above by taking Big Island helicopter tour or if you are brave enough and craving for more adventure, you may opt for kayak paddling.

The area at the mere top of the waterfalls offers various activities, including swimming in a waterfall, eating and drinking local specialties and purchasing souvenirs.

Culture, history and the waterfall excitement

The most commonly taken touristic tour is so-called Heavenly Hamakua Tour, which will take you sightseeing via Volcano vans, pause at the tops of the waterfall for short swimming and launch and continue to Honomu Road down the center street of Honomu Town.


Here you will enjoy myriad of cultural and historical aspects, visit the museum, art galleries and monuments, hang around in local bars and restaurants or take lessons about unique flora and fauna found in this area.

Maui SunriseTour

Haleakala, when translated from Hawaiian, means “House of the Sun”. Once you wake up to see the sunrise at Haleakala on Maui and find yourself amazed by natural beauty here, the local name will make perfect sense. Though it sounds kind of cliché and banally romantic, sunrises on Maui truly are something special. Maui sunrise tour is centered around this phenomena, but it includes a rich assortment of other activities and sightseeing at Hawaii which all make it quite popular touristic tour among tourists worldwide.

Main highlights of the tour

Tourists are accommodated at some of great Maui hotels with pick up and return guaranteed. Experiencing sunrise above Maui is usually scheduled for day 1 and this unique event will energize you enough to hit 30 miles long driving towards Haleakala after that.


Visitations to various local highlights is usually organized via so-called volcano vans. A day spent in Haleakala National Park is mandatory and it includes combination of entertaining activities, natural beauties exploring and studying historical and cultural aspects of Hawaii. Hiking toward one of the most popular waterfalls and exploring volcano landscaping is optional, but these destinations are so amazing that no tourist will miss them.

Additional activities

The main schedule of the tour includes breakfast and lunch at the hotel, but agencies are open for custom mini-tours that include dinners at a local restaurant with specific local specialties.

Also, there’s a wide range of attractive activities you are free to include into your vacation schedule, such as scuba diving classes, boat sailing, skydiving, hiking with a touristic guide providing expert’s stories about history and culture of Hawaii and many more.

Traveling tips for tourists

Anyone visiting Hawaii for the first time should prepare for completely different conditions here. Therefore, check your health, especially heart and lungs, and beware of uneven landscaping if struggling with balance.

Additional activities

If taking kids with you, check the desired destinations, since there are some activities restricted for kids. Finally, take cozy clothes and quality sunscreen, since the climate here might be challenging. If physically ready, unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the fascinating beauties of Hawaii.

Helicopter Routes in Hawaii

Whether you decide to visit Hawaii in your own arrangement or via official touristic agency following their pre-designed agendas, you may want to experience rather popular helicopter routes organized locally for tourists. Although it is a completely different impression compared to facing all Hawaii’s natural beauties down at the terrain, experiencing the wide picture of the islands from above is nevertheless unique and adventurous feeling.

Features of helicopter routes

These routes are organized by several agencies and most of them provide a theme-related flying tour, although custom tours and random, wandering-like flights are also available. Most of these flights include four to six passengers, plus the pilot, depending on the precise weight of passenger and the length of the flight.

Routes in Hawaii

Therefore, rigorous measures are conducted during flight preparation. The passenger will occupy either regular seats, either first-class, next to the pilot seat. Scuba diving is strictly forbidden 24h before the flight due to variations in pressure. Children are also allowed inside the helicopter, and people with various disabilities are provided with adequate assistance.

It is recommended for a passenger to take their cameras with themselves, though agency usually provides USB photos and video material.

Activities common for all helicopter tours

Every flight provides a ground safety briefing, refreshing drinks and coffee for all passengers, unique atmosphere and interaction between passengers and the crew, video, audio material and official photos of the sights, air-conditioned climate and comfortable seats for a passenger to relax and actively observe the sights at the ground below.

Theme-oriented flights

Depending on your preferences and interests, you may choose the specific route out of the rich assortment of helicopter flight tours. Many tourists opt for all-around the island tour which takes them over the most landmarks of Hawaii and last a bit longer than others.



There are also flights above the most popular volcanoes including the sights of volcano activities and sights of lava pouring into the ocean, flights above waterfalls, flights following hiking roads and flights above the canyon. These tours are the perfect way to see many of those sights not so easily available at the ground due to lush tropic forests, dangerous volcanic landscape or waterfalls.

Family Tour to Hawaii

When talking about traveling to Hawaii, most tourists picture partying all night long and lazy chilling at the amazing beaches during days. This is certainly true, since Hawaii offer unique excitement for those who wish to unleash themselves for a while and enjoy the luxury of local wilderness combined with modern lifestyle. However, many people neglect the fact that Hawaii are also perfect for calming family vacation. If you plan to visit Hawaii with your spouse or even take kids with you, here are some great things to visit and do.

Spend a day at famous Hilton Lagoon

Hilton complex is best known for famous luxury hotels settled in Waikiki. However, this complex features a spacious artificially constructed lagoon, surrounded and protected by buildings, but with an open road to ocean’s beach.

Waikiki beach

Hilton Lagoon is perfect for family chilling, especially family with toddlers, since water in the lagoon is calm and there’s a rich assortment of available water activities. This includes paddle boats, snorkeling for fish, water sports and many more. It’s free to the public and both children and parents love it.

Historical and cultural sights

Opposite to leisure and hedonistic enjoying in Hilton Lagoon, Hawaii offers plenty of events and sights focused on Hawaii’s rich culture, history and customs. One of the most popular attractions, suitable for families with slightly older children, is Arizona Memorial, better known as Pearl Harbor Memorial, where touristic guides provide valuable history lessons.

Polynesian Cultural Center, on the other hand, enables you to get familiar with local culture and some exotic traditions.

Astonishing nature at NaPali Coast

This is a slightly more expensive trip and if you travel with kids you will have to take organized sailboat tours, but it will certainly be worth awhile. NaPali Coast is the place where narrow cliffs raise above deep ocean water constructing breathtaking natural sculptures.


You can see it from a boat or from the air. If going to a trip via sailboat, be prepared for stronger waves and currents, but touristic routes pause at some calmer areas where you will be allowed to swim as well.