Family Tour to Hawaii

When talking about traveling to Hawaii, most tourists picture partying all night long and lazy chilling at the amazing beaches during days. This is certainly true, since Hawaii offer unique excitement for those who wish to unleash themselves for a while and enjoy the luxury of local wilderness combined with modern lifestyle. However, many people neglect the fact that Hawaii are also perfect for calming family vacation. If you plan to visit Hawaii with your spouse or even take kids with you, here are some great things to visit and do.

Spend a day at famous Hilton Lagoon

Hilton complex is best known for famous luxury hotels settled in Waikiki. However, this complex features a spacious artificially constructed lagoon, surrounded and protected by buildings, but with an open road to ocean’s beach.

Waikiki beach

Hilton Lagoon is perfect for family chilling, especially family with toddlers, since water in the lagoon is calm and there’s a rich assortment of available water activities. This includes paddle boats, snorkeling for fish, water sports and many more. It’s free to the public and both children and parents love it.

Historical and cultural sights

Opposite to leisure and hedonistic enjoying in Hilton Lagoon, Hawaii offers plenty of events and sights focused on Hawaii’s rich culture, history and customs. One of the most popular attractions, suitable for families with slightly older children, is Arizona Memorial, better known as Pearl Harbor Memorial, where touristic guides provide valuable history lessons.

Polynesian Cultural Center, on the other hand, enables you to get familiar with local culture and some exotic traditions.

Astonishing nature at NaPali Coast

This is a slightly more expensive trip and if you travel with kids you will have to take organized sailboat tours, but it will certainly be worth awhile. NaPali Coast is the place where narrow cliffs raise above deep ocean water constructing breathtaking natural sculptures.


You can see it from a boat or from the air. If going to a trip via sailboat, be prepared for stronger waves and currents, but touristic routes pause at some calmer areas where you will be allowed to swim as well.