Helicopter Routes in Hawaii

Whether you decide to visit Hawaii in your own arrangement or via official touristic agency following their pre-designed agendas, you may want to experience rather popular helicopter routes organized locally for tourists. Although it is a completely different impression compared to facing all Hawaii’s natural beauties down at the terrain, experiencing the wide picture of the islands from above is nevertheless unique and adventurous feeling.

Features of helicopter routes

These routes are organized by several agencies and most of them provide a theme-related flying tour, although custom tours and random, wandering-like flights are also available. Most of these flights include four to six passengers, plus the pilot, depending on the precise weight of passenger and the length of the flight.

Routes in Hawaii

Therefore, rigorous measures are conducted during flight preparation. The passenger will occupy either regular seats, either first-class, next to the pilot seat. Scuba diving is strictly forbidden 24h before the flight due to variations in pressure. Children are also allowed inside the helicopter, and people with various disabilities are provided with adequate assistance.

It is recommended for a passenger to take their cameras with themselves, though agency usually provides USB photos and video material.

Activities common for all helicopter tours

Every flight provides a ground safety briefing, refreshing drinks and coffee for all passengers, unique atmosphere and interaction between passengers and the crew, video, audio material and official photos of the sights, air-conditioned climate and comfortable seats for a passenger to relax and actively observe the sights at the ground below.

Theme-oriented flights

Depending on your preferences and interests, you may choose the specific route out of the rich assortment of helicopter flight tours. Many tourists opt for all-around the island tour which takes them over the most landmarks of Hawaii and last a bit longer than others.



There are also flights above the most popular volcanoes including the sights of volcano activities and sights of lava pouring into the ocean, flights above waterfalls, flights following hiking roads and flights above the canyon. These tours are the perfect way to see many of those sights not so easily available at the ground due to lush tropic forests, dangerous volcanic landscape or waterfalls.