Maui SunriseTour

Haleakala, when translated from Hawaiian, means “House of the Sun”. Once you wake up to see the sunrise at Haleakala on Maui and find yourself amazed by natural beauty here, the local name will make perfect sense. Though it sounds kind of cliché and banally romantic, sunrises on Maui truly are something special. Maui sunrise tour is centered around this phenomena, but it includes a rich assortment of other activities and sightseeing at Hawaii which all make it quite popular touristic tour among tourists worldwide.

Main highlights of the tour

Tourists are accommodated at some of great Maui hotels with pick up and return guaranteed. Experiencing sunrise above Maui is usually scheduled for day 1 and this unique event will energize you enough to hit 30 miles long driving towards Haleakala after that.


Visitations to various local highlights is usually organized via so-called volcano vans. A day spent in Haleakala National Park is mandatory and it includes combination of entertaining activities, natural beauties exploring and studying historical and cultural aspects of Hawaii. Hiking toward one of the most popular waterfalls and exploring volcano landscaping is optional, but these destinations are so amazing that no tourist will miss them.

Additional activities

The main schedule of the tour includes breakfast and lunch at the hotel, but agencies are open for custom mini-tours that include dinners at a local restaurant with specific local specialties.

Also, there’s a wide range of attractive activities you are free to include into your vacation schedule, such as scuba diving classes, boat sailing, skydiving, hiking with a touristic guide providing expert’s stories about history and culture of Hawaii and many more.

Traveling tips for tourists

Anyone visiting Hawaii for the first time should prepare for completely different conditions here. Therefore, check your health, especially heart and lungs, and beware of uneven landscaping if struggling with balance.

Additional activities

If taking kids with you, check the desired destinations, since there are some activities restricted for kids. Finally, take cozy clothes and quality sunscreen, since the climate here might be challenging. If physically ready, unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the fascinating beauties of Hawaii.