Take a Tour Through Hawaii Falls State Parks

The diversity of natural beauties found in Hawaii is impressive since this land encompasses long sandy beaches, dense, lush tropical greenery, the risky landscape of volcanoes and astonishing beauty of several waterfalls. There are plenty of smaller waterfalls found here, but few bigger ones attract thousands of tourists annually down the thrilling touristic pathways.

North Hamakua Waterfalls

Hamakua Coast includes two most popular waterfalls: Akaka Falls State Park and Kahuna Falls. The second one is a slightly less attractive waterfall since it is usually covered and partially hidden by dense tropical forests. On the other hand, a tour through Akaka Falls State Park is a truly memorable experience.


The mere walk up the pathway leading directly towards waterfall is the adventurous itself. Serpentine paths covered by lush tropical plants, exotic birds and animals, while dull sounds of waterfall echo in the air excites tourists all the way. At the end of the road, they are amazed by the elegant, majestic beauty of this huge waterfall, especially in early morning sunny moments.

Touristic routes and activities related to waterfalls

When heading towards Akaka waterfalls, you may hike along pathed roads and enjoy the chance to experience and observe the beauty of nature from a close view. You may opt for cozy view from above by taking Big Island helicopter tour or if you are brave enough and craving for more adventure, you may opt for kayak paddling.

The area at the mere top of the waterfalls offers various activities, including swimming in a waterfall, eating and drinking local specialties and purchasing souvenirs.

Culture, history and the waterfall excitement

The most commonly taken touristic tour is so-called Heavenly Hamakua Tour, which will take you sightseeing via Volcano vans, pause at the tops of the waterfall for short swimming and launch and continue to Honomu Road down the center street of Honomu Town.


Here you will enjoy myriad of cultural and historical aspects, visit the museum, art galleries and monuments, hang around in local bars and restaurants or take lessons about unique flora and fauna found in this area.