Taking a Tour to Lahaina Maui

Since Lahaina used to be a capital of Hawaii Kingdom and it remained significant cultural and historical center nowadays, it is certainly worth placing it on your list of places to visit when traveling to Hawaii. Millions of tourists gravitate towards this beautiful area annually and it hosts wide range of activities suitable for every age group. Here is a random list of suggestions about places worth seeing and things worth experiencing while taking a tour through Lahaina Maui.

Ka’anapali and Napili Beach

Sure, when traveling to Hawaii you are primarily looking forward to fascinating beaches and crystal-clear ocean, but these beaches managed to add much more to that. A mile of pure, white sand, translucent water, exotic greenery and underwater world create paradise-like shores.

Enriched with cozy beach bars, a large assortment of water-related sport activities, spas and hotels, these beaches provide hedonistic atmosphere to every tourist.

Main street in Lahaina

So-called Front Street in Lahaina is the leading street in this city combining elements of rich history and modern western lifestyle in Hawaii. The street used to be crowded with taverns and today it hosts bars, shops, various stores, monuments and galleries.


The oldest hotel in Hawaii, Historic prison and Seamen’s Hospital are also settled in this street. Wandering freely down this street will provide you with exquisite historic lessons, as well as with cultural, economic and cosmopolitan aspects.

Kapalua Coastal Trail

Another amazing thing you can experience when talking a tour through Lahaina refers to 2 miles long hiking trail which goes along the shore line. Pretty uneven terrain is covered with black lava solids, covered with wild greenery and there is an amazing view to the translucent, navy blue waters.


The rail starts from Kapalua Bay Beach and goes all the way to Fleming beach party. Purchase durable hiking equipment, take a photo with you and enjoy the adventurous walking for hours where a few nature’s masterpieces are protected as the endangered species. Once you rich the highest spot, you’ll the city distant and still out a single sign of fatigue,