Touristic Tour Through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Imagine walking over the landscape that will completely change a year after your visitation and stepping onto the soil that is potentially younger than you. Imagine walking past the deep, astonishing crack within the rock, with dim smoke raising from the mere core of the planet. Or witnessing dramatic contact between glowing lava and waters of the deep ocean. These are just some of the commonly seen sights across the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Unique scenery of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The Park was officially founded a century ago and it is being regularly updated with new travel routes since the old ones tend to disappear in new eruption sometimes, as well as with various new touristic attractions and activities.


It is located at the Big Island of Hawaii, 30 miles southwest on the highway, it covers over 300 000 acres and includes the highest volcano in the world – Mauna Loa and the continuously active Kilauea Volcano. The landscape, plant and the overall biodiversity founded here are amazing and unique enough for entitlement of the World’s heritage site.

How to explore Hawaii Volcanoes, National Park

If you want to explore this spacious fascinating scenery thoroughly, you will probably need to days free to spend here. The safest way is to take officially organized touristic tours via so-called volcano vans that take off from Hilo, Kona and Kohala.

The other option is to explore the landscaping via your own car and self-organized route, but you are obligated to stick to the official road since wandering could get you into serious dangers. Crater Rim Drive route and Chain of craters route will enable you to witness newly erupted areas, scattered places of smoke rising from the ground, the places where lava meets the ocean and many more impressive sights.

Tips for tourists

Considering specific conditions in this area, take cation if you have health problems, heart or lungs problems or troubles with balance. Special safe routes are suggested for families with children, elder people and pregnant women since this place is continuously active and unpredictable, which makes it even more attractive and beautiful.