Touristic Tour to Oahu, Hawaii

Along with Maui, Oahu is the second best known and most popular region in Hawaii and millions of tourists gravitate towards Oahu annually. Since Waikiki is frequently the first city tourist visit due to the airport, most of them start their vacations by exploring beauties and activities of Oahu. Oahu itself is overwhelmed with myriad of entertaining activities, cultural and historical highlights and astonishing natural scenery, thus we’ve picked some of the most popular aspects to see and do in Oahu on your touristic tour to Hawaii.

Cultural and historical tours

Seemingly different events, but actually offering direct insight into the history and cultural aspects of Hawaii, Luaus and Pearl Harbor are usually combined tours. Memorial center and museums located in Pearl Harbor, dedicated to one of the most famous chapters in USA history, is an excellent way to gain insight into historical facts and give honor to the fallen soldiers.


On the other hand, Luaus are cultural events, featuring aloha spirit, rich local customs, food and drinks specialties, all spiced up with hula dancing, specific music, and dressing. The perfect way to feel authentic local lifestyle.

Hanauma Bay and the underwater world

Almost every beach in Oahu is covered with pure white sand and features azure clear ocean water, with large collection of water-related sport activities organized for tourists. These activities include diving, water skiing, water sports games, sailing and other.



However, when it comes to snorkeling and exploring exotic underwater world at Hawaii, Hanauma Bay is definitely the best spot to do so. With crystal-clear and calm water, tamed fish and other sea animals and beautiful tropic nature surrounding this place, Hanauma Bay is a heaven for aquarists and snorkeling lovers.

Hiking trail to Diamond Head

Diamond Head is probably the most popular sight in Hawaii, thus it is kind of mandatory to visit this place when in Hawaii. Diamond Head is a unique geologic shape at high altitude and the final destination of quite attractive hiking tours where you’ll rest in local bars while enjoying impressive views and surrounding natural beauties.