Travel to Hawaii With Kids

Hawaii provide a unique experience based on a combination of excitement, adventure and relaxation, chilling on the other hand. You’ll find myriad of activities if you are looking for partying and euphoria, but you will also have a memorable time if you come here for a family tour with the kids. Aside from amazing natural scenery and charming local culture, Hawaii offer all aspects of the modern world, including shopping centers, fancy hotels, entertainments designed for tourists and many more. If you travel with kids, the best is to get familiar timely with suitable destinations kids would find interesting. Here’s a brief review of some of them.

Trembling life in Waikiki

Waikiki is probably the first place you’ll visit since this cosmopolitan city lies at the mere entrance to the island. When traveling with kids, you might have troubles finding affordable accommodation, since the hotels here are rather expensive.


Therefore, opt for suites with two big rooms and rent them per night. Also, Waikiki has well organized and rather interesting public transport. Kids will enjoy trolley that is cheap and provides a lot of entertaining sightseeing. Waikiki is crowded with huge shopping malls. Finally going for a swim at the famous Waikiki beach is an excitement per se.

Circle island tour

Most touristic agencies organize various circle island tours for tourist, but we recommend renting a car and organizing a tour yourself since it is more comfortable for kids. Head towards North Shore and enjoy the relaxed drive down coronets while enjoying breathtaking views.


Pause at the Haleiwa vintage village and Laniakea beach. Kids will love the green turtles often found here. Also, Pali Lookout is a must-see, since the scenery, view and various sports activities suitable for kids will impress you here.

Adventure at Poipu Beach

Kauai is the second most popular region of Hawaii and if you are taking kids here, you should take them to the Poipu Beach. This place will amaze both parents and the children with its famous attraction.

Namely, dozens of green turtles and friendly seals gather here every day in the shoal and you can literally swim safely while these species swim right beside you.